"An Indulgent, Sweet Taste"
Ima Cuddle Cake is the best home-baked cakes from scratch with personal attention and focus to each individual and companies alike.
Our Mission
Our goal is to provide the best customer service that is distinct, personal and down to earth that you will want no other.  To satisfy every sweet taste. 
Customer Testimonial 

We love the taste.  We love the service and high quality of style with expertise to service/design from Ima Cuddle Cake.

The cakes are better than some of those other name brands in the stores.  She brings her mother's wisdom to baking -

B. Jefferson

 Each mouthful of cake excites a taste bud connected to my GRAND MA’S KITCHEN. The flavor of LOVE is present after every piece. -

O.D. Hall

The Red Velvet Cake is Red-licious, Red-lovely, Red-lightful, Red-goodness.  Thank you Miss Robin for the Red Velvet experience.

Simone S.H.

"I'm excited to share a little slice of heaven with my family."

Carol B.

The plain pound cake was moist and taste was incredible.  Rave reviews!!! I shared with my family and it reminded....my Mom of an aunt who made pound cakes, my sister was trying to figure out the secret, my uncle and I were fighting over the remaining slices, my aunt took a slice to bed, and my nephew tried to cut an extra piece and was about to get cut!!!! The cake is OUTSTANDING!

Charlene M.  




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